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Jairo Sanchez
3D Artist

                  - To develop a career in the game industry as a 3D-2D Artist.

             - Associate 3D Artist – Carbine Studios
                    April 2013 - Current
                    Wildstar Art Team
                    I’m working with the Prop team, Environment team, and Dungeon team in
                    Wildstar the upcoming fantasy/sci-fi MMORPG currently in development
                    by Carbine Studios, published by NCSoft.

                  - Freelance 3D Concept Art, 2012
                    Produced 3D Character Sculpts in Zbrush
                    for an Animated Feature

                  - National Flight Academy (Flight Simulator) 2011
                    3D Artist Intern.
                    Produced Concept Art, 3D Models and Textures.
                   Also work on Animation and Rigging for the game.

                 - Photoshop
                 - Autodesk Maya
                 - Unreal Development Kit
                 - ZBrush
                 - Xsi
                 - 3D Coat

                 - 3D Modeling
                 - 3D Sculpting
                 - Texturing: Hand-painted /Photo-sourced
                 - Unwrapping and UV Packing
                 - Normal Map Creation
                 - Terrain Sculpting
                 - Strong in traditional art (light, color, form)

                - Gnomon School of VFX, 2012
                - Game Art BS, Full Sail University, 2010-2011

                 - Chosen for the Student Art Gallery Show
                   Gnomon School of VFX
                 - Best of term Creature Design, Gnomon School of VFX


                   Blizzard Student Art Contest – 2013
                 - Created a stylized character
                 - Created a stylized environment

                   Global Game Jam ’12 – Borne 2012
                 - Made easy accessibility, low difficulty game
                 - Made concept art for project, modeled characters
                   and assets, textured, and animated
                 - Developed with: XNA Game Studio 4.0, Photoshop
                 - Available for PC, Xbox 360, Windows Phone

                 Blizzard Student Art Contest- 2012
                 -Created a stylized environment for contest

                Wild Skies- 2013
                In Wild Skies, the cooperative VR game we developed for the Holodeck platform.


  1. Your work is really good. Great job.

  2. Un verdadero artista. Me encanta saber que juego, con los diseños de un genio como tu.