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PoleArm WIP

I'm still working on the concept.
I will be modeling and texturing soon!

Quick Lunch Sketch
Change it a little bit from the thumbnail
I will finish it soon. I'm thinking on modeling and texturing it aswell!:)


Nixx old

Figure studies

Quick Sketch idea

Diablo III Fan Art  (Concept - Modeling - Texturing - Game Engine Render)

The Goblet of the eternity
Not a lot of people know this, but with time the magnificent Wizards of Caldeum loose their magical powers and their skills will decrease. The cause of this? People say that is because of age, but the truth is that since the wizards are born, they learn how to cast magic, and all they do during their lives is fight against the legions of the Burning Hells.
But there is still hope, there’s a legend about a mysterious Goblet that contains magical blood. It hangs from a pillar somewhere around the world.  
It has been said that this goblet can only be found for a Wizard every 200 years. Once it’s found, the chosen one will bend on his knees on top of the stone steps. So the magic power will take a bright steam form and will find its way in the wizard mouth, invading all his soul. becoming invincible for 7 years.
however, after the time is up, the goblet will absorb the wizard powers transforming him into a normal human for eternity…

Quick Silhouette Studies:

Concept WIP




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